Saturday, August 8, 2009

Glacier 2009

After Yellowstone, I traveled to Glacier for another workshop. The good weather continued with high temperatures in low 80s and much sunshine. Blooming wild flowers were plentiful everywhere and wildlife is also always a big part of this park. We did see fewer bears than normal this year, seeing only one. We started by exploring the Going To The Sun Road.

We next visited the Many Glaciers section of the park, always one of my favorites. A highlight there was some of the best moose opportunities that I have experienced anywhere.

I also made a few infrared images while at Glacier.

Glacier continues to be one of my favorite parks and always offers many wonderful image opportunities.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Yellowstone 2009

The Yellowstone workshop was blessed with outstanding weather, perfect temperatures and much sun. Outstanding scenics, abundant wildlife, and geysers and thermal areas make Yellowstone one of the best photo locations anywhere. We had some nice foggy mornings to also add to our images.

Waterfalls are also very popular in Yellowstone.

Wildflowers were also blooming thanks to much recent rainfall.

Yellowstone's geysers and thermal areas are unique wonders and not found in such abundance anywhere else in the world.

Yellowstone is also famous for wildlife opportunities. We saw most of the major species and the workshop members got great images of a grizzly bear.

The Yellowstone workshop was an overwhelming success and offered some of the best image opportunities anywhere.